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This website was built using Laravel 5.5 and Mysql


My name is Klaus Donnert. This website is a example of some of the things that I can do. There is nothing really fancy here, just some demo sites to with html, css, js, vue.js, jquery, php, mysql, sqlite, laravel, and other frameworks and libraries. This site is built with Laravel 5.5 on a small LEMP server hosted in the cloud at Digitalocean. I'm using Laravel Forge to automatically pull updates from Github, run Composer and Artisan whenever a push to master occurs. This is still a work in progress. The source code for this and other projects is located at https://github.com/klaus-donnert/basicwebsite.

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Recent Projects



A map containing the simulated locations of taxicabs. Built using Mapbox and Leaflet

A Placeholder

Mobile GPS

This is the mobile app that puts the cars on the GPS map.

A Link

Bootstrap 3

This is a Bootstrap 3 template that uses a custom palette.

A todo list

Todo List

No Ajax

A simple API

Todo List

Using Ajax via Axios and a simple API

A simple photo gallery using Laravel 5.5 and mysql

Photo Show

A photo album site using Laravel 5.5 and Foundation 6.3

A Codepen tribute to Dr Edward Jenner

A Tribute

This Codepen uses only html, css, and bootstrap 3. No JavaScript.

An example use of the Twitter API

Twitter API

Example of using the Twitter API

A Placeholder